Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behind Staind: Aaron Lewis sweet, sensitive

I just got off the phone with Aaron Lewis of Staind. He's set to play two shows at 8pm & 10:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12, in the Showroom at the Turning Stone.

There are very few times when I interview a celebrity and am impressed. (In fact, interviewing celebrities is one of my least favorite things to do.) This was not one of those times. Aaron is without a doubt, as real as they come (at least from what I could discern in a 20-minute phone conversation). Imagine this big guy, bald-headed, tattoos scrawled across his arms, rocking as hard as he can with his band Staind.

Now, imagine this same guy talking about his three daughters (2, 4 and 7) and his fears for them - well really for himself - when they become teenagers. Now, imagine that same guy talking about the lyrics of today's popular music and how he's afraid his daughters will connect with those often inappropriate, oversexualized words. Imagine this rock star trying to shield his daughters from those lyrics.

Imagine his thoughts about music: It's best in its simplicity, he said.

Imagine his acoustic show - clips you can catch all over YouTube. Imagine him alone on stage with his guitar - vulnerable and open just to and for the music. Imagine his daughters and wife watching from backstage - which they often do.

Imagine: rock n roll isn't as bad as the old folks might have led some of us to believe. Aaron Lewis just might be proof.

Tickets are $50/55/65.

Check out next Thursday's Fusion for my complete interview with Aaron.

Check out this video of a portion of Aaron Lewis' solo show.

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