Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moshier: "Moore" class by Holland Patent coach

Notre Dame High School senior Pat Moore, a class act on and off the basketball court, became the Jugglers’ all-time scoring leader when he scored 27 points in Tuesday night’s 79-70 Tri Valley League win at Holland Patent.


Opposing coach Jon Snyder of Holland Patent showed a lot of class, too, when he used a full timeout to stop the game in the third quarter to pay special tribute to Moore and his record-breaking accomplishment. Snyder later presented Moore with the game ball.


“I didn’t want to make a huge production out of it, but rarely do we have this opportunity to note something like this,” Snyder said after the game. “Pat’s a great kid and a tough competitor. I just wanted to recognize that.”


What Pat Moore has done at Notre Dame, no doubt, deserves to be recognized. So does Snyder’s class act. In a close game, on a night when Class C Holland Patent has a shot at upsetting state-ranked, Class A power Notre Dame, he did the right thing.


For that, Jon Snyder should be commended.



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