Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moshier: Semifinal football scheduling no treat

For the average fan, high school sports writer, or both, this should have been the best Section III football weekend of the season.


It would have been if the average fan or sports writer had anything to say about it.


It’s up to Section III’s football committee, though, to determine where and when this weekend’s 10 semifinal games in five classes were to be played. And their choices left much for the average fan and sports writer (and to some extent, the players and the schools and the communities involved) to be desired.


Using only five sites to play five Friday night doubleheaders, with games kicking off at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., may have saved the section some money. But it’s hardly fan-friendly – 5 p.m. games at a neutral site on a work day are tough to make – and for the print media, covering 8 p.m. games the way they deserve to be covered becomes next to impossible because of deadline concerns.


If the average fan and print media coverage of high school football were taken more into consideration, Section III wouldn’t have scheduled all 10 semifinal games on a Friday night. Money, no doubt, is an issue, but there are many fans out there who would choose a Saturday afternoon over a Friday night, and some who would pay to go to both Friday’s and Saturday’s games. Play those games over two days, like we’ve done for years, and you might even see an increase at the gate.


Another reason given for no Saturday afternoon semifinal games this year was because Saturday is Halloween, but just last year we played Friday playoff games on Halloween night – without incident.


What the average fan was forced to do this year, unfortunately, was skip out of work early if at all possible or miss a 5 p.m. kickoff, choose one great matchup over another, and hope a quote from the kid who scores the game-winning touchdown in Friday night’s late game makes their edition of the local newspaper.


Unfortunately, for the average fan and a high school sports writer trying to do his or her job, that’s more of a trick than a treat.




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Will you have coverage of the Arcuro All-Star - north and south?

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