Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moshier: Favre has his day (night), for now

Yes, Brett Favre looked like his old (I mean much younger) self. Yes, the Hall of Fame gunslinger who never seems to know whether he’s coming or going was on target and throwing darts Monday night, for all of us to see.


As impressive as Favre was, though, and as much as he stole the show, most impressive were the Minnesota Vikings as a team. Clearly, Favre made the right choice this time. Not only does he have Adrian Peterson to hand off to and lean on, he’s got an offensive line that treated him as if he were royalty.


With Green Bay’s defense loading up the line of scrimmage, Peterson had an off night, but Favre – unlike the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, who was knocked around like a piƱata and sacked eight times -- had all night to throw the football.


Yes, this was Brett Favre’s night, and this week it will be Peterson running all over the hapless Rams. After that, we’ll see just how complete this Minnesota team is, and just how much Favre has left in the tank when the Vikings host Baltimore in Week 6 and then travel to Pittsburgh and Green Bay.



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