Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pitarresi: Cowboys' Austin a good interview

I don’t get Jim Rome much of the time.


The sports talk radio host obviously has a large following, but I have to believe few of his fans are in my age group or with my point of view in it. And, really, I often have a difficult time wading through the jargon he uses and figuring out what exactly it is he is talking about.


But, Rome can be good, especially conducting interviews. He might not ask too many tough questions, or maybe any but he does a good job of getting people to reveal themselves. Today (Tuesday), he spoke with Miles Austin, the Dallas Cowboys’ fourth-year free agent receiver from Monmouth University who has had a sensational, Pro Bowl season – 81 catches, 1,320 yards, 11 touchdowns.


I’ve seen only bits and pieces of Cowboy games this season, and a just few everyday catches by Austin, but the interview made me a fan in the space of five minutes. Austin came across as serious but personable, and modest, genuine, team-oriented. He even tossed bouquets to his old school a couple of times. These are all things we have learned not to expect from top-flight NFL receivers.


There was no boasting, no trash talk, no sense that the world revolved around Miles Austin, yet he still had a sense of humor and had interesting things to say. Maybe there are more like him than we know, but his attitude just jumped out at me. Pretty refreshing.


 So, good luck Miles Austin in the NFL playoffs.


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