Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pitarresi: Lucas deserved to win, Rivera irreplaceable


I’ve been out of touch, having spent eight days in Wyoming.


Wyoming is a long way from a lot of places, but it is beautiful, and believe it or not, they have newspapers and television sets there. So, I was able to keep up with the national sports scene when I wasn’t fishing, trying to find a place to fish, sightseeing, dining lavishly at my sister’s house, or trying to make a fortune in the casinos.


 I watched the final round of the U.S. Open and felt good for Lucas Glover. He was able to hold it together – the way poor Ricky Barnes didn’t – and deserved to win. Seems like a good guy, and that’s a plus.


I felt bad for Barnes, who fell apart, but his talent showed. We might hear more from him soon. The hat killed me, though. Was that really a painter’s cap?


It would have been nice if Phil Mickelson had won, but I’m almost glad he didn’t. I think his wife’s  battle with breast cancer might have been turned into a maudlin soap opera, more of a story device than anything else.  


The guy I was pulling for was David Duval. He has been nowhere for years, but he just keeps plugging. If he never is a top player again, he proved he has some guts.


I did not see Mariano Rivera earn his 500th save. Quite a landmark. It seems strange to say that a relief pitcher could be at team’s most important player over 15 years, but, really, where would the Yankees have been without Rivera since 1995?


Blogger amy said...


Roman thinks "his Yankees" might have won one or two World Series without Rivera but never would have won four! Sorry you missed it.

July 1, 2009 6:58 AM  

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