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This interactive, easy-to-use, online newspaper is an exact digital copy of the O-D, including every article, photograph, advertisement, even the daily crossword puzzle!

Search and navigate though the paper online, download or email articles, photos etc. with the click of a button. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the-go, your Observer-Dispatch will never be farther than a click away.

No recycling required • Have it every morning by 5:30

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What are the benefits of an e-edition subscription?
1. Easy Access - can be accessed on your computer or mobile device, at home, at the office, on vacation....anywhere!

2. Unlimited access to uticaod.com

3. Green and Clean
- no paper used; no recycling required.

4. Easy to Read - Zoom in on articles, picture and graphs; high resolution for the best reading/viewing experience

5. Share information - E-mail articles or photos to your friends and family

6. Researchable - Use keyword search to look for any topic, person, event or advertisement instantly. Browse through the 30-day archive available to all subscribers.

7. Be alerted - The e-edition can let you know when there is a story on a topic that interests you.

8. Save or print - Save or print any article or photo you would like to keep!

How to access the e-edition:

- 7 days per week for only $12.99 per month, billed monthly. Your subscription will also allow you to access past -e-edition issues for up to 30 days, and unlimited access to uticaod.com beginning with the first issue date available once your subscription has been activated. Please call 797-9150 for customer service.

7-day ‘print plus’ edition
- 7-Day print subscribers receive the best of both worlds. You will receive the e-edition for no additional charge to your subscription rate. Please call 797-9150 for customer service. The e-edition is only accessible while the 7-day print subscription is active.

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